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Dunham Massey . Canal side Colour . Fishink Walks .

October 1, 2014

Fishinkblog 8215 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 8

Following on from my post about Colour and the fact that it inspired a regular Fishink blog reader Joy (on the other side of the Pond), to get out on her bike and go explore some nature. On Sunday we went over to Cheshire and explored Dunham Massey and it’s surrounding area. I still can’t quite believe how great the weather is, this late in the year.

Fishinkblog 8208 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 1

Boo meeting some of the locals before we walked along the canal and had a picnic.

Fishinkblog 8209 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 2

I decided to take some photos of the fading plantlife along the canal side, and again got to marvel at the tremendous colours that nature had to offer.

Fishinkblog 8214 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 7

You can either view these as a collection of dying leaves and twigs or an inspirational colour palette for your next painting or design it’s all about how you look at things.

Fishinkblog 8210 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 3 Fishinkblog 8211 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 4

This beautiful little school caught my eye as well as the ducks. These sunlit stems looked like rich, crackling flames, which have been magically paused in time.

Fishinkblog 8212 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 5

A short diversion past some cut and pre-harvested fields and then we headed over to Dunham Massey itself.


Fishinkblog 8213 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 6

A couple of watery shots before meeting the deer in the Park. “Hello there”, they really were surprisingly tame, allowing us to get closer than I’ve ever been to deer before. Boo was very curious and they didn’t appear too bothered by her either, thankfully she rarely barks, so a quiet animal must be less of a threat than a noisy one … I would assume.

Fishinkblog 8216 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 9

Beautiful markings and such tiny heads, do you think Boo could pass as a deer ?, I might get her in training for christmas !

Fishinkblog 8217 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 10

Enough squirrels and rabbits around to keep us all active.

Fishinkblog 8218 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 11

Some lovely old pieces of trunk left to feast our eyes on.

Fishinkblog 8219 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 12

Just before we left, this wonderful creature appeared out of nowhere and stood quietly a few meters away and allowed us to take a few pics of him. I can see why people use the word ‘majestic’ when talking about deer and stags … another great day.

Fishinkblog 8220 Fishink Walks Dunham Massey 13

Modern Publicity 1950 – 51. Illustrated Mid century Art, Advertising and Graphics Part 1

September 28, 2014

This was the very first Modern Publicity book that I encountered. Many of the images are in black and white but it doesn’t detract from their beautiful retro style and vintage va va vooom !

Fishinkblog 7888 Modern Publicity 1950 51 1

Perhaps you also find that drinking Bovril prevents that sinking feeling… to be honest I get a sinking feeling at the thought if drinking it ! lol

Fishinkblog 7889 Modern Publicity 1950 51 2 Fishinkblog 7890 Modern Publicity 1950 51 3

Some beautiful curves here.

Fishinkblog 7891 Modern Publicity 1950 51 4 Fishinkblog 7892 Modern Publicity 1950 51 5

A touch of travel with a lovely poster from B.O.A.C. and that mix of man and nature.

Fishinkblog 7893 Modern Publicity 1950 51 6 Fishinkblog 7894 Modern Publicity 1950 51 7

You can find more in this series by typing the words Modern Publicity into the search function on the right of this post. Don’t forget to share it and tell your friends about Fishink Blog. Thank you

Geninne Zlatkis Mexican Watercolours

September 26, 2014

Fishinkblog 8163 GENINNE ZLATKIS 3

Geninne Zlatkis is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, living in Mexico, married to an architect and designer, and mother of two home-schooled, artistic boys. I came across her site on Etsy where she sells a range of her beautiful prints. I think most artists would find it impossible to not be inspired with such an amazing space to work in.

Fishinkblog 8164 GENINNE ZLATKIS 4

From her art blog, Geninne takes some wonderful photographs of her work and the array of collected items that adorn her studio too.

Fishinkblog 8166 GENINNE ZLATKIS 6

Earlier this year she partnered with Magenta to create a stunning range of stamps that can be used to decorate envelopes, stickers, books etc. It’s great the way that they complement her artwork so perfectly, and don’t they just ‘sing out’ on brown paper ! You can even buy a copy of her book about making stamps here.

Fishinkblog 8165 GENINNE ZLATKIS 5

Below is a selection of her colourful and detailed watercolours. Again, for me, the fine painterly lines and intricate decorative qualities make these such a joy to look at.

Fishinkblog 8167 GENINNE ZLATKIS 7

If you fancy something a little more individual, then visit Geninne’s Big Cartel site where she sells her original work.Fishinkblog 8162 GENINNE ZLATKIS 2

More of her Etsy site prints, beautiful colours.

Fishinkblog 8170 GENINNE ZLATKIS 10 Fishinkblog 8171 GENINNE ZLATKIS 11

There’s such a calm, yet fresh, air to her colour palette.

Fishinkblog 8169 GENINNE ZLATKIS 9 Fishinkblog 8172 GENINNE ZLATKIS 12

It seems whatever she turns her hand to, whether it’s painting, embroidery, engraving or ceramics, the end products are stunning.

Fishinkblog 8173 GENINNE ZLATKIS 13

Fishinkblog 8161 GENINNE ZLATKIS 1

Fishinkblog 8174 GENINNE ZLATKIS 15

A few watchful cats to keep the birds awake.

Fishinkblog 8168 GENINNE ZLATKIS 8

With such an amazing home, recently featured in the current Anniversary Issue of Casas Magazine, a home decor publication from Chile, more stationery notebooks and a ceramics studio on the way, it seems there is no stopping Geninne from her creating. Thankfully for us that that is the case : )  There’s an interview from Taproot Magazine here from earlier this year.

Keep up the beautiful inspiring work Geninne, I look forward to seeing much, much more.

Fishinkblog 8174 GENINNE ZLATKIS 14

Thomas Vroman Mid century Illustrator

September 24, 2014

Fishinkblog 8184 Thomas Vroman 1

Born in Olean, New York, Thomas Vroman went on to attend the Beaux Art School in Paris, graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began a career of painting, which has won him numerous awards from art organizations around the world. In 1974, along with Norman Rockwell, he was chosen as one of the thirteen leading contemporary artists in the United States. Here’s some illustrations he did for Colliers Magazine in 1956.

Fishinkblog 8185 Thomas Vroman 2

Fishinkblog 8194 Thomas Vroman 13

During World War II, Tom applied his artistic talents to highly unique projects needed to fulfill the direct requirements of General Eisenhower, General Bradley, General John Lee and others. He was a member of an elite team assigned to the Intelligence Unit of the European Theatre Headquarters. Tom’s paintings have been selected by the U.S. Information Agency State Department to tour Russia in exhibitions, and his work has been exhibited in France, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. He has taught at the University of the Arts and Temple University. Here are a few of his children’s book covers.

Fishinkblog 8195 Thomas Vroman 14

Fishinkblog 8187 Thomas Vroman 6

Fishinkblog 8196 Thomas Vroman 15

One of his best known books is ‘A Very, Very Special Day’ from 1963.

Fishinkblog 8188 Thomas Vroman 7 Fishinkblog 8189 Thomas Vroman 8 Fishinkblog 8190 Thomas Vroman 9

Here’s a taste of some more of Tom’s original work, found selling as a job lot on ebay !

Fishinkblog 8186 Thomas Vroman 3

These christmas themed ones have a feel of Heinz Edelmann‘s ‘blue-meanies’  for the Yellow Submarine cartoon for The Beatles.

Fishinkblog 8187 Thomas Vroman 4 Fishinkblog 8188 Thomas Vroman 5

Five daughters have inspired Tom’s illustrations and the texts for delightful children’s books, and his intricately detailed paintings have appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Holiday, McCall’s, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Venture and many others. He has co-authored a book entitled Design Sources and Resources. He has had many feature articles published in graphic art publications and he continues to work for leading industries.  By far his most well loved book has to be that of ‘Alexander’ the naughty, imaginary horse that arrives to teach a lesson.

Fishinkblog 8191 Thomas Vroman 10 Fishinkblog 8192 Thomas Vroman 11 Fishinkblog 8193 Thomas Vroman 12

As an artist, designer and businessman, Tom worked in New York City for many years early in his career. He founded Thomas Vroman Associates as a Design and Marketing Communications firm. Striving to find a unique creative environment, Tom relocated the business to the bucolic setting of Gaines, PA. He housed the firm in a quaint barn-like building, updating it with the latest equipment and technology. He fulfilled his vision of being able to offer clients high quality design and communication support on a cost effective basis. Using sophisticated technology, Tom eliminated the barriers of distance and time to support the needs of clients, regardless of their locations.

Here’s an interesting article from the Olean Times Herald from back in 2009, and many thanks to The Stowaway Star site for their info on Thomas.

Giving thanks … colour is all around us

September 22, 2014

I spent a couple of hours over the weekend, taking images of things around the house and garden that have recently made me internally smile. I’m sooo grateful for the beautiful Septembery sunlight days that we’ve been experiencing and the colourful signs of autumn approaching too. Somehow it makes the slow winter creep, seem less daunting.

Often we are in too much of a rush to get somewhere or to get something done quickly, that we walk by and ignore beauty on our doorstep. I’ve been patiently waiting for my Orchid to produce an shoot that turned green and travelled skyward. Once this had happened, the flowers are now just beginning to open. How amazing is nature !

Even the apples in my breakfast bowl have been rosy on the insides lately : )

Fishinkblog 8178 Fishink images 4

I’ve noticed how other fruit are super colourful too, and outside the leaves in a neighbour’s garden are flickering with reds, oranges and fiery hues.

Fishinkblog 8177 Fishink images 3

A few of the trees have just begun to discard leaves and turn them flame-like on the floor.

Fishinkblog 8181 Fishink images 7

This orange squeaky toy is a real fav of my dog Boo. Yes noisy it’s true, but everytime she plays with it I have to smile at her excitement. These less colourful birds were drawn on remnants of Mark Hearld’s wallpaper.. how else do you use up small pieces too precious to throw away lol ?

Fishinkblog 8182 Fishink images 8

Boo likes to keep an eye out on who’s passing by from time to time. Thankfully her obsession for doing this has lessened. Is that a cat.. or a snake in the grass !

Fishinkblog 8179 Fishink images 5

Sometimes the excitement is all too much !

Seed pods are everywhere at the moment… spikey, protected and encased, with their inner, shiny and jewelled rewards !

Fishinkblog 8176 Fishink images 2

A new studio rug has been an all round hit. Boo can now fly free from her carpety prison bars.

Fishinkblog 8175 Fishink images 1

To be honest one of the things which hasn’t made me smile this weekend was discovering this huge spider and seeing what a massive web it’s been busy assembling. The web (not the spider) is the width of these double doors and about a metre in height ! and excuse me but when did spiders in the UK get to be so big ? (Urg).

Fishinkblog 8183 Fishink images 9

Fortunately this was the exception and to celebrate here’s a leafy bouquet I gathered to herald the start of the Autumn.

Fishinkblog 8180 Fishink images 6


I finally like the fact that my blog has now over 200 daily email followers and I got a little notice to say it has received over 1000 likes, 2,500 comments and over 450,000 views since it began !

A big THANK YOU to everyone and please keep telling your friends about my blog and commenting on the posts too. This blue glass star is mine, one I brought back from Africa and recently rediscovered.

fishink likes


Try and take a moment out of your busy schedule to see what is around you that might make you smile, and do let me know what you’ve found as a result of reading this.

A happy week of colour to everyone !

Marian Stachurski Mid-century Polish Poster Designer

September 19, 2014

Fishinkblog 8097 Marian Stachurski 1

Born in Lazy 1931, Marian Stachurski studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts under Henryk Tomaszewski, an influential illustrator who taught many of the most successful poster designers in Poland.

Fishinkblog 8099 Marian Stachurski 3

Stachurski created film posters from the late-1950s through the mid-70s, for both domestic and international films. He worked in quite a comical cartoon-style manner.

Fishinkblog 8100 Marian Stachurski 4

This ice skating smiley criminal and bendy policeman are great !

Fishinkblog 8101 Marian Stachurski 5

As with many designers, he employed a range of styles and approaches, but his work is generally characterized by its simplified forms, playful colour schemes, and mix of film stills with painted elements.

Fishinkblog 8102 Marian Stachurski 6

There are some lovely textural lines in the posters below.

Fishinkblog 8103 Marian Stachurski 7

He was influenced by Polish folk art, as seen in the almost naive approach to figure drawing; their bold outlines and blocky shapes recall the aesthetic of paper cut-out crafts popular in the surrounding region.

Fishinkblog 8104 Marian Stachurski 8 Fishinkblog 8105 Marian Stachurski 9 Fishinkblog 8106 Marian Stachurski 10

His subjects tended to reference the films directly, but with the addition of fanciful or abstract elements. I like this little ‘travel themed selection’ I discovered.

Fishinkblog 8109 Marian Stachurski 13 Fishinkblog 8108 Marian Stachurski 12 Fishinkblog 8107 Marian Stachurski 11

Here are some more examples of his Cinema Posters. Hope these have cheered up your friday, don’t forget to share them : )

Ute Grossman Stylish decorated ceramics

September 17, 2014

Fishinkblog 8145 Ute Grossmann 16

Ute Grossmann was born in Dresden, Germany in 1960. Having originally studied Chemical Engineering, she gravitated towards the arts with studies in painting and graphics at the  Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden in 1998/1999. On discovering her ceramics, I was not only amazed at the vast body of her work but also the variety of textures, colours and surfaces that she creates. A real textile designers dream in ceramic form : )

Fishinkblog 8131 Ute Grossmann 2

Beautiful ranges of pond greens, Ute’s patterns here make me think of frogspawn, underwater plants, cell structures, Klimt, Hundertwasser and Pre-Raphelite masterpieces.

Fishinkblog 8130 Ute Grossmann 1

These are definitely inspired by plant structures, sycamore seeds and spiky interlocking thorns.

Fishinkblog 8133 Ute Grossmann 4 Fishinkblog 8134 Ute Grossmann 5

More non-symmetrical forms with little legs.

Fishinkblog 8135 Ute Grossmann 6

In 2003, Ute became a member of the Association of Artists as a freelance ceramicist and her early work also involves using mosaic sculptures in public places. All her ceramic art still displays mosaic aspects, but are now also mixed with raku, which has become a more prominent feature over the last three years. Here’s some more monochrome yet still highly textured forms.

Fishinkblog 8136 Ute Grossmann 7

Raku glazes add additional crackles and root structure shapes, with dashes of colour in specific sections of each ceramic.

Fishinkblog 8132 Ute Grossmann 3 Fishinkblog 8138 Ute Grossmann 9

Mosaic ceramics and Paul Klee style surfaces make me think of Tiffany Lamps and stained glass windows.

Fishinkblog 8139 Ute Grossmann 10

These are almost painterly.

Fishinkblog 8137 Ute Grossmann 8

This highly decorated pot below was based on Italian floor tiles.

Fishinkblog 8143 Ute Grossmann 14

Ute has also created her own fantastical ceramic menagerie, sometimes with people too ! What a great imagination she has.

Fishinkblog 8140 Ute Grossmann 11 Fishinkblog 8141 Ute Grossmann 12

Fishinkblog 8142 Ute Grossmann 13

I love these lazy leaf decorated toads and wordy chameleons.

Fishinkblog 8144 Ute Grossmann 15

Highly decorated, quirky and often smile inducing, there’s never a dull moment with Ute’s work around you. What says you Fishink readers ?


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